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Ekaterina Fields


Ekaterina Fields is an advocate for the environment and for the children and adults with special needs. She supports the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, the Friends of the Holy Land Foundation, the Soi Dog Foundation, among others, and is the founder of the CDK13 genetic disorder UK support group. 

A model, actress, and activist, the London resident was born in Moscow, Russia. In her early life, Ekaterina starred in several films and television shows before moving to Paris to further pursue a career in modelling. Most notably, Ekaterina starred in the movie “Higher Than Rainbow” at the age of 12, and at 17, she won the Miss World University pageant, representing Russia.

Although Ekaterina has had an extensive career in entertainment and fashion, she is also a mother of two children, Aleksei and Elizaveta. Due to a medical condition she has, Elizaveta has grown up with special needs. Ekaterina Fields has made it a personal goal of hers to help children with special needs to have the same access to life experiences as every other child. In recent years, she has worked with charities to promote accessibility for children with disabilities. She also advocates for accessibility for adults with special needs in the professional world. Additionally, Ekaterina strives to help her daughter feel confident and happy with her life in any way she can. Although children with special needs have struggles that may make their lives more difficult, Ekaterina wants her daughter and other people with these conditions to know that their lives are still special and can be just as enjoyable as anyone else’s.

In 2003, Ekaterina Fields’s mother had passed away from terminal breast cancer. Ekaterina was close to her mother and had been her personal carer for several years, living together in both London and Washington, DC. Because of the love for her mother, Ekaterina has also become an advocate for cancer charities, and she is deeply invested in the cure for cancer. Ekaterina may be best known for her television, movie, and modelling careers, but she hopes to use her platform to encourage others to support the great causes she holds close to her heart.

In addition to her passions for special needs children and the cure for cancer, Ekaterina also promotes a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. As a mom, she teaches her children how to pick up after themselves and maintain a trash-free environment. She also aims to create a plastic-free home to cut down on her waste. To Ekaterina Fields, maintaining a clean, healthy environment is essential for future generations, which is why she encourages others to follow in her footsteps and cut back on their waste.

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