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Christians in the Holy Land are smiling because of your support every day, and we are resolved to keep up the good work.

The Holy Land is in its desperately quiet Easter. This week is normally incredibly busy, but for the second year in a row, there are no visitors – meaning no income for the majority of local families. The Covid crisis is still in full swing; there is still no government unemployment support, and the lack of a coherent vaccination programme for Palestinians means the health, welfare and unemployment situation is likely to remain the same deep into 2021.

Support Christians in the Holy Land

Your support, though – by God’s grace – is doing a lot of good. In 2020 we increased our grant-giving by more than 50% (compared to 2019), and stories continue to flow in to our office of sustained families and thankful recipients.
In life, we don’t always see the fruit of our giving. But, sometimes, we get to see a smile. Click below to see how your giving is bringing smiles to Christians – young and old – in the Holy Land.

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