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Based out of Wigan and London, the Keep Britain Tidy charity has strived to protect our environment and keep our planet beautiful and healthy since the 1950s. It’s been known to work towards reducing litter and preventing waste in order to improve all of our homes and make them better for our children. Back in 1955, the British Women’s Institute decided to form the group due to a resolution being passed to start a national-litter campaign. Since their formation, they’ve helped the environment in various ways and have earned several awards for their efforts. While they’ve been praised for their work, they understand the battle is never fully over, and that we must all work together in order to continue protecting the environment for future generations. 

Keep Britain Tidy has 4 major goals: Cutting litter, ending waste, improving public places, and educating future generations. 

Cutting Litter

Litter is a big problem around the world, and Keep Britain Tidy is devoted to inspiring individuals to avoid littering and to inspire others to do so as well. Littering is a serious problem that plagues locations all over the country, and it costs large sums of money in order to clean up. Instead of littering and paying for it, we can work toward not doing it at all, and ultimately making our homes better.

End Waste

Another large issue we as humans have is waste. We all waste, and we waste quite a lot when a lot of it can likely be reused in some form. Keep Britain Tidy is working towards motivating people to be better about their waste, helping them understand that it will make our homes healthier for future generations.

Improve Public Places

Keep Britain Tidy has a large focus on ensuring our public outdoor spaces such as parks and beaches as well as our cities are as clean as possible. They understand that these public spaces are integral to our community, and they must be protected so everyone can enjoy them to their fullest potential. The charity has earned various awards for their work in parks, beaches and, cities as well as partaking in several Care projects with volunteers.

Educating Future Generations

The final goal of Keep Britain Tidy is to educate future generations on why they should care about and protect our environment. While there’s plenty we can do now to help make things better and keep our community clean, the fight will never truly end and future generations need to understand that so they can continue to work towards a cleaner future for all of us. 

As a mother of 2, I am constantly teaching my children how to pick up after themselves and how important it is we keep our environment clean. I love the passion that Keep Britain Tidy has used to fuel their goals over the years, and I am proud to support their cause and be a #LitterHeroes Ambassador. This is our home and our environment, and it’s on us to keep it clean and ensure it’s still here for the generations to come.