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The pandemic hit the world hard, especially in the non-profit sector. Many more people have been looking for safe alternatives to give back. Yet, with social distancing restrictions and legitimate health concerns, that may feel impossible right now.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Virtual volunteer opportunities are numerous, find, and surprisingly easy to find. Given the variety of opportunities available, there’s bound to be the perfect fit for everyone.

Counting Penguins

Yes, you read that one right. Penguin Watch is looking for people to count penguins, chicks, and eggs – from the comfort of their homes. Currently, the project is only 25% complete, so more volunteers are needed. Better yet, this form of volunteering doesn’t need any special skills or technology. Anybody with a computer can do it, including interested children.

United Nations Volunteers

Are you looking to make a difference in the world? Then check out United Nations Volunteers. Through it, you can find (and help) other organizations with a variety of goals, including peace efforts, education, art, and development.

Making Greeting Cards for Sick Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids is a program that does what the name promises – they make cards for kids stuck in hospitals around the world. The greeting cards are virtual and sent through the World Pediatric Project

Tagging Animals in Photos

Want to help animals but don’t feel like counting penguin eggs? ZSL Instant Wild needs volunteers to help tag animals in images and videos. Yes, that’s right. You could be watching cute animal videos – and helping – at the same time. 

Transcription Services (for the Smithsonian)

The Smithsonian may be the world’s largest museum, but it still needs help. They’re currently looking for volunteers to help make their massive collections more accessible through transcription. 

Help Plan Routes

Humanity Road is looking for volunteers willing to use the internet and maps to verify route information to be used during disasters. The information they’re assembling could very well save lives during the next evacuation.

Decorate a Lunch Bag

Both Meals on Wheels and Kids’ Meals are accepting decorated lunch bags. The goal is not only to provide children with a healthy meal – but to help brighten their day at the same time. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Text to Help

Crisis Text Line is looking for volunteers over the age of 18 to help run their 24/7 text support line. Crisis Text Line offers free support for anyone in a crisis, and it does so through purely digital means. 

Reading Stories

Love to read? Then sign up to help with StoriiTime. They’re currently looking for volunteers willing to read to children and seniors during their virtual story hours. Currently, they’re only looking for volunteers that are over the age of 50.